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Disclaimer:  I do not own the characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender.


"You must let all your earthly attachments go.  In order to master the Avatar state you must first control your chakras."

Aang sighed and stared into the sky, thinking back to his training by the guru.  He still didn't understand how letting all his attachments to earthly things go could be a good thing.  Especially as for the heart chakra he actually had to meditate on what he loved.  If you let go and forgot the things you loved, then how could you access the heart chakra?  It didn't make sense.

He glanced back surreptitiously and his eyes softened on the sight of Katara sleeping along with the others as they flew through the night.  Looking away after a moment he once again turned his eyes on the heavens.

There was no denying that as he'd forced himself to let everything go he'd connected to himself and the Avatar state with an ease he'd been surprised at - and pleased by.  But he still just couldn't understand.  It wasn't like letting go had really mattered in the end, because he still loved Katara.  He always would.  In fact, he'd only forced himself to do as the guru said for the young waterbender.

And it had worked.  But...

He let his eyes drift closed as he searched inside himself.  Maybe one of the past Avatars would know?

"Letting go does not mean you lose what you love, Aang."

Eyes popping open, he looked up and into Avatar Roku's eyes.

"What do you mean?"  he asked, confused.

Roku smiled.  "When you go into battle you have to face that you might not return.  And you have to set all else aside and focus only on the fight.  You have to let go, is that not true?"  When Aang nodded doubtfully he continued.  "In order to fully attain the victory against Ozai and the Fire Nation, you have to be able to reach and control your Avatar state. It is but one of the stepping stones on the path to ending the war and returning the world to a state of balance.  In forgetting your earthly attachments you were able to take that step.  Do you not see, Aang?"

Aang's eyes began to widen and his lips parted in anticipation - almost as if he suddenly knew what Roku was going to say but needed to hear it anyway.

"You did not lose Katara - you have merely learned part of what was necessary to save her - and the rest of the world.  In letting go you have held on.  Is that not the ultimate form of love?  To do whatever it takes to protect what you love?"

Blinking wildly in surprise, Aang watched as Roku faded with a last, understanding smile.  

Is it really that easy?

His mind took him back over everything they'd already been through.  So much... there was so much.  And he let his head fall as he smiled a little.  Yes... it really is that easy.  Because the truth is, I didn't want to be the Avatar.  That's why I was frozen in that block of ice - because I ran.  I ran from my duty.  But... when I was found and woke up again Katara was the first thing I saw.  Everything I've done since then has really been for her...

Because I love her.  And I would do anything to save her... even let go.  

I'm going to try to save the world... to protect her.

He sighed again and lifted his head into the cool night breeze as they flew on with nothing but  sky above and ocean below.

Even though I let go she's still here, though - closer than ever.

His cheeks flushed a little and he blew out a rueful, somewhat embarrassed breath.  "Now if I could only get a little closer,"  he said under his breath before glancing back over his shoulder at his sleeping companions to make sure they were still sleeping.  Thankfully they were.

"All in good time, Aang,"  Roku's amused mental voice echoed through his thoughts.  "I think there are other things you should be thinking about right now - that is for after you have defeated Ozai."

His blush deepened and he fidgeted at the laughter echoing through his mind.
Letting Go
This is my first piece done outside the Inuyasha universe.  I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, and so it wasn't a hard decision to make my first foray outside of my original fandom into this one.  I hope it pleases!

Still Kicking

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 29, 2014, 3:30 PM

And again it seems I am asking forgiveness, though this time for disappearing for much longer.  However, with what has been happening this year I've not had much choice.  

Back in Feb. my husband almost died from complications with his medication - if I hadn't found him when I did, he would have.  Due to that, the families decided that they were through waiting for us to save enough money to move back across country home to Washington state, and so to make a long story short, we will be leaving our forced exile here in the south to go home at the end of May.

Because of the coming move I've been very busy and also dealing with my own medication problems, and this has left me with little desire or time to write or post.  The truth of the matter is that Nefarious is already posted on DA and FF all the way to chapter 16 - but devart was not originally set up for written works and even though it now is, it takes more time to post the chapter because of that.

All that to say that I am trying to catch back up to myself here on devart, but I won't probably be fully able to until after our move and this summer is over.  I will be completely out of contact for at least a week or two as we head back to Washington and then unload and unpack in our new home, which is a family-owned property, thankfully, so we won't have any complications or rent troubles, at least.

I will try to post the next couple chapters to Nefarious before we leave on May 30, but no guarantees.



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